Skins Games

Almost all Fridays, and on Mondays alternating with the club tournaments, you can find DLB Sr. Men’s Club members playing in “Skins Games” for cash prizes.  The “friendly” competition is organized by Don Driscoll for our members and are much more informal and relaxed than tournaments, so everyone who chooses to play can have fun and use clubs or attempt shots that wouldn’t normally be taken during tournaments.

Chuck sets up for long drive on nine.

Chuck sets up for long drive on nine.

Registration for the Skins games takes place 7:30 to 8:00 am, and the cost is $5.00 in addition to the Green Fees you pay separately to the course.  Monday Skins requires a reservation through Don Driscoll ahead of time, but Friday Skins games are for whomever shows up to play.  First tee time is normally around 8:30 am, and there are usually seven to ten foursomes.  Many of the members partake in side games of their own choosing just to keep the competitive spirit high.  All funds collected are paid out in prizes following Skins play.  All in all, it’s loads of fun for those who like to get out and play.


Bill "Lefty" tees off at Skins game.

Bill “Lefty” tees off at Skins game.