USGA Rules of Golf

Rules and Integrity

Like fishermen, golfers get a bad rap for the outlandish, exaggerated or even fictional stories they tell.  But that’s the stories they tell.  The game itself is played under the rules of golf, which all golfers are responsible for knowing and adhering to.  It is not golf and it is not even fun (the prime rule of golf) if it is not played by the rules and with individual integrity.  Ask yourself, How well do I know the rules?  Am I always playing by the rules?  Am I sometimes less than truthful or honest with myself and playing partners?  You may find that you are enjoying the game less and that partners no longer want you to join their foursomes if you are lacking in some or all of these aspects.

This DLB Seniors webpage is designed to help you get up to speed on the Rules of Golf, test your understanding of the rules, and list some real life, on course examples.  If you have some examples that help illustrate the rules, please email them to me at

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